Top tips for Dubai Stopover: To do things

Hello from Alaraibi Travel, Are you traveling via Dubai, do have a few hours at the airport? are you not sure what to do in your Dubai Stopover? in This article we gonna answer your all questions about what to do, if happen you to be in Dubai Stopover by your airline which booked your tickets.

here you go,

in this article we gonna list some few things to do for your Dubai Stopover you could kill time till your airline ready to take off to final destination.

Our Tips: Whenever it happen don't stay at the airport. Even if you only you have got half a day, you could see some of this fine famous city in the middle east!

1. You and your spouse or whoever is accompanying you could visit Dubai Mall.

Take a taxi or a metro from the airport and head to Dubai Mall and do shopping, explore the Mall, also you could book in advance a private airport transfer online there plenty of  booking engine for private airport transfer, both option is expensive, but you could consider the metro it should be faster especially during rush hours.

2. Visit Dubai Fountains. 

You could try visit the free Dubai Fountains light and music show as well here in this article gonna tell you there Schedule its from 1 PM - 1:30 PM daily except Fridays from 1:30 PM and 2 PM to see this show, you don't have to pay any things it is free, also you could enjoy a traditional boat ride on Burj Lake. Most of tourist attractions in Dubai.

3. Burj Khalifa 

You and your spouse head to the tallest building in the world yes we can say both looking impressive from below view or from the top, if you guys got time We in Alaraibi Travel please take our suggestions go to the top for very great and amazing views over Dubai.

Stay tune for next article we might give you some tips if you have one day in Dubai.